Whether you’re looking for a tax plan to save more money or you’re just getting started with your business and you’re not sure what type of entity you should use or how to fill out the mountains of paperwork, we can help.
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Tax Planning & Preparation

Planning so you can save!

When it comes to tax planning, our goal is to help you maximize your tax deductions so you can save as much money as possible. We keep up to date on the latest tax laws so you don’t have to. If there’s a tax savings opportunity for you or your business, we’ll find it and proactively discuss it with you in a way you can understand.

There’s no doubt, taxes are confusing. That’s why, in addition to preparing your business and personal tax returns, we also take the time to explain the deductions and credits claimed on your tax returns.

Never wonder if you’ve paid too much tax again!

Learn more about our tax planning services here.

“Yonasan is thoroughly knowledgeable in tax law and is incredibly patient with his time. He went beyond simply filling in numbers to help us understand how to plan for the future with our hybrid situation of freelancing and payroll tax.” 

Dena Taub

Startup Consulting Services

Navigating the startup hoops one step at a time!

The paperwork that goes with starting a business can be overwhelming to say the least. First, there’s choosing a business entity, then registering with all the proper agencies.

Let us guide you through starting your business so you’re not left wondering what you missed. We’ll help you determine what type of entity works best for your situation and goals, explain what agencies you need to register with, and even show you how to set up QuickBooks.

When you start strong, you’ll avoid headaches down the road. Learn more about our startup consulting services here.

Working with Yonasan as I have started my business has helped me immensely with understanding my tax situation and also planning my business structure and planning for financial growth. He is professional and responsive. I enjoy working with him.

Bryan Bass-Riley, Owner
Bryan Bass-Riley Licensed Professional Counselor, LLC

Accounting Advisory Services | Brook Bay Consulting PC, CaPA


Helping you make smart business decisions!

Not sure how to file your 1099s or the best software to use for payroll? We’re happy to help!

Once your business is up and running, you’ll likely have these questions and more. Through our accounting advisory services we’ll help you keep your business running smoothly and show you how to put best practices in place so nothing gets missed.

Whether you just have a quick question or need us to complete a special accounting project, our years of small business expertise will help you save money while you grow your business.

Learn more about our accounting advisory services here.

Working with Yonasan really helped me get a better understanding of my money in the business in addition to seeing a way to start actually paying myself and slowly adding to that number every month. I got a better, easier, cheaper payroll provider which he recommended. I am actually able to understand Quickbooks, and I am able to not only track income and expenses for taxes at the end of the year, but track my cash flow to see how much the business is making and will make on a trajectory. Additionally, I have a much better understanding of the taxes I have to pay for myself and for my employees.

Gabriella Corcos, Owner

Fusion Pilates Studio

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